Our call center service

We Fieldwork has a call centre in Lyon with 60 workstations (with the possibility of extending to 80 workstations).

We perform several types of services for all your fields from this call center in France and with French interviewers :

  • surveys & polls
  • file qualification
  • telephone appointment arrangement (we have a real experience on the B2B target)
  • mystery calls

Our call center is located in Villeurbanne (Lyon) and is fully computerised with our Askia tool (for managing outgoing calls).

We work with the B2B and B2C targets and for all the sectors (such as agriculture). In order to reach some targets, our call center is also open at the evening. Thus, each field is set up by our CATI manager. Our CATI manager adapts the schedules of the interviewers depending on the needs of each fieldwork and its target.

Every interviewer who joins our Call center, is trained from the beginning to our telephone interviews techniques. They are some senior interviewers in our staff, who can do for example the fields with a spécific target or a professional target and also junior interviewers who are trained continuously. Some of our interviewers are bilingual (English), thus we can do some fields needing also some interviews in English such as the mystery calls.

At We Fieldwork, each project is led by an experienced permanent supervisor from our team, who coordinates a maximum of 10-15 people in order to abide by quality standards. Furthermore, all the outgoing calls from our Call Center are recorded for internal quality standards. We do also provide the possibility to to distance listenings.

Our telephone surveys service allows us to do :

  • classic telephone surveys (CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
  • telephone surveys and web (CATI-Web)
  • recruitment on the phone for CAWI interviews (Computer Aided Web Interviewing)