We Fieldwork has more than 10 years experience of conducting face to face surveys.

We have an extensive network of face to face surveyors – more than 1,000 across France, with a team of supervisors in every region.

For our surveys we have 200 touchscreen tablets with battery power of more than 8 hours.

Face to face survey - WE Fieldwork France - Touchscreen tablet and smartphone

This equipment enables us to:

  • improve reliability by producing questionnaires free of filter errors and having the option of editing while still in the field if necessary
  • to avoid having to process paper questionnaire
  • to be faster, as data is sent to our servers on a daily basis via an Internet connection
  • to perform more advanced checks: length of the questionnaire, start and end dates and times of job, and surveyors’ geolocation

We carry out all kinds of face to face surveys:

  • Checkout surveys
  • Shopper surveys
  • Street surveys
  • Home surveys (door to door)
  • Public transport surveys and counts (train, bus, tram, etc.)

A permanent 3-person team is in charge of setting up and monitoring these types of surveys.