Price/offer checks

Price checking can be an ad hoc or regular practice that consists of checking the prices applied by competitors or distributors.

We have the material and human resources needed to provide this type of service across France, including:

  • A solid network of surveyors who are ready to go to work quickly checking your competitors’ brands
  • Tools that have been tried and tested over the years (smartphone, button camera)

This type of check can be set up quickly and resulted supplied within just a few days.

Here are some examples of this service that we provided:

  • Checked 100 prices in a single day in food stores
  • Checked availability and prices of SD cards in Computer section of several Food and Specialist stores
  • Checked availability and prices in several women’s clothes boutiques (categories: Knitwear, Trousers and Tops) in France, Switzerland and Belgium on a single day