Online Communities

We help you build, recruit and manage your online community.

We Fieldwork provides you with the key components for recruiting and managing your online communities in France.

We have chosen one of the best tools on the market for online communities. However, if you already have your own tool we can also do only the recruitment of the participants and the moderation.

We have an in-house team with more than 10 years experience in recruitment. Thus, we are able to recruit different type of targets and sectors for B2Bor B2C for your online community.

And, above all, we have our own “Communities Team” with 5 community managers who are experts in using our platform and running online multilingual online communities.

Our platform offers the following tools

  • Forums
  • Daily video uploads
  • Image sharing
  • Participative blogs
  • Questionnaires
  • Question of the day
  • Brainstorming, discussion & chat
  • Access via smartphone, tablet and Internet browser

Depending on the service you are looking for, we offer :

  • Provision of the platform and customisation to your graphic identity
  • Recruitment of respondents who are ready to take part (depending on specifications) and renewal of the community as time goes by.
  • We manage all the incentives for community members.
  • We ensure that members of your community remain engaged through the survey conducted by a community manager.
  • Moderation of activities (forums, blogs , white boards, etc.) chosen for a draft survey on about the community
  • Results analysis

Some examples of our last recruitments for Online Communities:

  • Community of IT Decision Makers (6 days community – 30 recruitments)
  • Community of consumers  – food (3 months community – 36 recruitments)
  • Community of craftsmen (6 months community – 50 recruitments)
  • Community of consumers – beverages (5 days – 15 recruitments)
  • Community of consumers – automotive (6 months – more than 100 recruitments)