We Fieldwork carries out more than 100 surveys per year on an array of targets (including consumers, citizens, employees and so on) across a variety of business sectors through customer/prospect files or Access Panel.

We Fieldwork adapts to technological changes and offers customers the latest tools for connecting with respondents at any time with:

  • responsive questionnaires
  • fun and attractive questionnaires with designs matching your graphic identity
  • various active features

Thanks to more than 10 years of online expertise we master the use of web techniques (PHP, XHTML, Javascript, MySQL, Responsive Design, etc.)

We Fieldwork can manage the whole production chain for you:

  • Setting the questionnaire in several languages (via our Askia software)
  • Soliciting panelists through email (through your file or with our  Access Panel)
  • Data collection
  • Daily status reports about the online field
  • Integration of further modules, depending on the type of survey (trade-off survey with Sawtooth software)
  • Consistency check and quality control
  • Viewing data (provision of a dashboard)

A dedicated team of 5 people manages the online surveys.