Here are some examples of surveys conducted:

  • Telephone survey of producers of wheat, maize, barley, canola see, etc. (between 30 and 600 interviews with questionnaires ranging in duration from 5 to 45 minutes) and also of producers of dairy and brood cows, swine, poultry, etc.
  • Survey of veterinarians about Dogs&Cats targets and, in particular, of veterinarians of farm animals.
  • Other targets questioned: winegrowers, market gardeners, landscape gardeners, farm work firms, etc.
  • Survey for tractor brands: focus group recruitment or factory visits for face to face or telephone interviews
  • Face to face surveys for new product tests (syringes, flea-control pipettes, etc.)

Very qualified database for conducting telephone interviews, qualitative interview or face to face interviews (production types, surface areas, head counts, far size, brands of tractors and other tools, etc.)