Our community


Since the end of 2018, our panel evolved in order to change and be a real « community platform », called « MyConsoo ». This community allow us to be even closer to our consumers having a privileged contact (Julie from MyConsoo). Through our community, we propose them the possibility to obtain points, who can easily be converted into gift vouchers.

In order to have acces to all the different activities, consumers only need to subscribe do our consumers’ community (create a profile). Thus, all consumers who are registered, can see all the studies running or who will start soon.

In order to know if they are eligeable or not, they can answer to the first questions of the screener.

If consumers are eligeable, they can be contacted by one of our field recruitors in order to deepen the questions and recruit them if they fit the target perfectly.

To better know our consumers who are part of “MyConsoo“, when they register, we suggest them to fill their profile. A questionnaire is presented, in order to ask the main questions about their profile, type of consumption, situation …



Joining and participating in our community is simple and above all, it is a way to win money!

As soon as the account is open and the profile is filled, our consumers accumulate points.

By participating in the proposed “activities” (studies running at the moment*), they increase their cumulative points.

*We attach great importance to the renewal of participants on the various studies we do.

A consumer who is part of our community (or any other source), can not participate in a new study if the deadline for participation is not respected.


Regarding the conversion of points, it’s very simple! Once the participants have accumulated 1000 points (the equivalent of 10 €), they can request the conversion into a gift voucher, via the platform. Ultimately, the community platform will evolve, so that participants can do it directly and receive it instantly!