Our face to face service

We Fieldwork has more than 10 years experience of conducting face to face surveys.

We have an extensive network of face to face interviewers. In fact, our network has more than 1000 interviewers across France, with a team of experienced supervisors in every region. All the interviewers who are part of our network, are trained to our surveys techniques in order to insure quality fields.

Our interviewers are mainly interviewers with experience on fields in French, however, we work with some interviewers who practice other languages for our fields (English, Spanish, Chineese…). These interviewers allow us to do fields needing bilingual interviewers such as Face-to-Face interviews in airports, fairs, museums…

For our surveys we have more than 200 touchscreen tablets with battery power of more than 8 hours.

This equipment enables us to :

  • improve reliability by producing questionnaires free of filter errors and having the option of editing while still in the field if necessary
  • to avoid having to process paper questionnaire (however if you prefer to do a pen-paper methodology, we can handle it thanks to our data entry service).
  • to be faster, as data is sent to our servers on a daily basis via an Internet connection
  • to perform more advanced checks: length of the questionnaire, start and end dates and times of job, and surveyors’ geolocation

We carry out all kinds of face to face surveys for all your quantitative studies :

  • checkout surveys
  • shopper surveys
  • street surveys
  • home surveys (door to door)
  • public transport surveys and counts (train, bus, tramway, at the train stations, etc.)

Our Face-to-face service, allows us also to provide fields for product testing in the main cities with pre recruitment or street recruitment, dependinng on your needs. For more information, please check on our website, section « product testing ».

Our Face-to-face team is runned by a F2F Manager and two  field officers in charge of setting up and monitoring these types of surveys.