Mystery visits

We Fieldwork and mystery visits

Mystery visits or calls are intended to enable the commissioning company to measure the quality of customer service. Our experts measure this quality by using a precise evaluation grid (quality of welcome, highlighting of available services, etc.).

Concretely, this measurement tool makes it possible to gauge the gap between expected quality and the quality delivered on in the field. This gives insight into strengths and weaknesses. The thus gain all the operational information needed to improve its work.

What is the role of the “mystery customer” ? His role is to impersonate an « average customer » in order to ask questions, buy products or make claims (act out a given scenario established by the client).

We Fieldwork draws on its network of senior specialist surveyors who have been trained in simulation techniques in order to address our customers various issues. We are able to set up the field of mystery visit quicky and everywhere in France. This service is followed up by a field officer from our « Face to Face » service (recruitment of the surveyors for the project, briefing…) and by a project manager who will be your direct contact.

Concerning the methodology, mystery visits are conducted directly on the surveyor’s smartphone, enabling real-time feedback of data and precise checking of  our surveyors (geolocation).

Here are some examples of our last mystery visits done:

  • Mystery visits to public transport outlets (urban areas)
  • Mystery visits to car dealerships
  • Mystery visits to mobile telephone outlets
  • Mystery visits at supermarkets, etc.

Furthermore, we also provide « Mystery calls » service who are speacially adapted to analyze customer services in France or at foreign countries. Mystery calls are done by our senior interviewers with a real experience on mystery calls. They can be done either in French or in English.