Product tests

If you are a company, international research firm or group of companies interested in testing a product in France, then We Fieldwork can help you! We Fieldwork conducts product tests in France!

We Fieldwork can conduct product tests in France. We have developed substantial expertise in managing and testing products in central locations or at home.

We can offer you several levels of service:

  • Recruitment of participants off the street or pre-recruitment from files
  • Managing room hire (if testing on site) or sending samples by post (if home testing)
  • Providing survey tools (fridges, chefs table, small equipment, glasses, carrier bags, table clothes, etc.)
  • Conducting product tests in central location or at home with a team of experienced surveyors
  • Managing incentives
  • Product recovery if necessary

We work in several cities, including Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Lille, Rennes, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and more.

Here are some examples of product tests we have run:


  • Chocolate bars (200 interviews)
  • Yogurt (1000 interviews)
  • Cereals (180 interviews)
  • Fresh Pasta (200 questionnaires)
  • Baby milk (400 interviews)


  • Sodas (600 questionnaires)
  • Beer (900 questionnaires / 150 interviews)
  • Champagne (300 interviews)
  • Coffee – capsules (250 interviews)
  • Juice (1600 interviews)


  • Child food cooking equipment (100 questionnaires)
  • Smartphones (200 interviews)
  • Laptops (150 interviews)


  • Hair removers (450 interviews)
  • Perfume (260 interviews)