Our online service

We Fieldwork offers a variety of solutions for capturing your customers/prospects or users,through online studies:

  • ‘traditional’ online studies
  • online communities in France or in other countries
  • a consumer panel with more than 60 000 participants and with more than 100 selection criterias


Traditional online studies

If you are looking to do an online study in France, we are the partner for you and we will find the right solution to meet your needs. We can handle all your project (including the programming of the questionnaire, the translation into French, the sample, the coding of open ended questions, the incentives handling, etc) but we can also propose you to contract one one service among all.

For the online studies, we work with the B2B and B2C target.

Online communities

Concerning the online communities, we can propose you to handle the online platform, the moderation in French for your community by an experienced and local moderator, the recruitment of the participants (B2B and B2C), the project management with the following of the participation and progress of the different activities by the participants, the incentives handling…

To know more about our online communities services please check our online communities section on our website.

Our consumer panel

Our panel was created in 2005. Since 2018 our consumer panel transformed itself from a classic consumer panel to a consumer community with a real identity.

It’s a panel that is a 100% proprietary and exclusive. A system of qualification of the panelist has been put in place for our different domains of expertise.

The heightened knowledge about the profile of our panelists offers numerous possibilities in targeting our studies.

Our panel is always evaluating since the recruitment is permanent to maintain control of the structure of panel access and to ensure rotation of the panelists (30% per year).

At the time of recruitment, a questionnaire is completed and coverts over 400 dimensions (social-demographic, lifestyle, sector) in order to qualify the panelist as precisely as possible.

The recruitment we do for our consumer panel is multimodal:

  • word of mouth, supported by our presence on the social networks
  • sponsorship
  • targeted advertising campaigns
  • others