Home visits

Home visits

We Fieldwork provides and manages « home visits » for your qualitatives studies in France.

This methodology let you study your target deeply and have a better understanding of its environment.

Home visits, are perfectly adapted to consumers (B2C target). However, if you are interested on the B2B target, we also have a real experience on ethnography, which is adapted to this type of respondents.


How « Home visits » are set up at We Fieldwork ?

  • The client defines the target / different profiles who interest him for its study
  • Our Qualitative recruitment service starts the recruitment in order to know the potential respondents for the study and makes the recruitment through a phone call (all the questions of the screener are asked during this call). Potential participant’s given answers are analyzed and our recruitors present them the main points of the study / research. If all the given answers are the ones expected and they fit to the profiles that the client is looking for, the persons are recruited for this study. Depending on the subject or the study, our qual recruitors can ask for pictures of an item, or a dcotor’s note for example.
  • All the recruited profiles are communicated to our client in order to have its final agreement.  Participants receive the final confirmation for their participation to the study and are contacted the day before the field to remind them and re check their avaialability for the appointment.
  • The moderator (our moderator or client’s moderator) goes directly to the respondent’s home according to the visit’s Schedule and do the interviews.


/ Moderation of the Home visits

In order to provide solutions for all your potential needs, we offer tailored services.

If you prefer to handle moderaion by your own staff or by yourself, it is totally possible.  We can handle only the recruitment of the participants and the follow up of the schedule.

However, moderation of Home visits can also be done by one of our moderators in charge of qualitative studies, with a real experience in this area.